postheadericon r 44 recopilated 2008(hip hop laguna)

01.-Intro-The Beatman (Make)
02.-Cicatrices del Campo de Batalla (Kalibre38)
03.-Compitiendo (SUBcrew)
04.-Sonando Fuerte (Regimen Liricko)
05.-Rap de Alto Calibre (Alto Decreto)
06.-Combo de Rimas (Seso-Estrofa Verbal)
07.-Rap (Daoner & Tock)
08.-Manos Arriba (Boka)
09.-Lo Konvertimos en Rap (Poesia Fundamental)
10.-No Podrias Juzgarlo (Libra)
11.-El Consejo (Extra Largos)
12.-Apoyo ala Cultura (Inframundo de Letras)
13.-Tambien Tenemos (Autocreadores)
14.-No Cualkiera lo Hace (Estrategas)
15.-Al filo en el camino (Filosofos)
16.-Outro (Fash-JCT)


postheadericon 7l & esoteric a new dope

  • 1. Get Dumb
    2. Everywhere
    3. Feel the Velvet
    4. 3 Minute Classic
    5. Daisycutta
    6. Eso Ain't Shit
    7. Dunks Are Live, Dunks Are Dead
    8. A.O.S.O.
    9. Cemetery
    10. Reggie Lewis Is Watching
    11. Girls Gone Wild (Then & Now)
    12. Most
    13. Take Note
    14. Perfect Person
    15. Play Dumb


postheadericon doggy dogg style 1998

1. Bathtub
2. G Funk Intro
3. Gin and Juice
4. That Shiznit
5. Lodi Dodi
6. Murder Was the Case (Death After Visualizing Eternity)
7. Serial Killa
8. Who Am I? (What's My Name) ?
9. For All My Niggaz and Bitches
10. Ain't No Fun (If My Homies Can't Have None)
11. Doggy Dogg World
12. GZ and Hustlas
13. Pump Pum


postheadericon grayskul deadlivers 2005


1 Intro
2 Behold
3 Bombs & Chemicals
4 Adversarial Theatre Of Justice feat. Canibus
5 Action Figure Of Speech
6 The Spectacular Rescue
7 Voltronic Instructional Espionage feat. Aesop Rock
8 Once Upon A Time
9 Do They Exist
10 Cursive feat. Mr. Lif
11 Hatred Displayed
12 Vixen
13 Afterhours feat. Abstract Rude
14 The Skul
15 Prom Quiz
16 Deadlivers


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