postheadericon the notoriousB.I.G. READY TO DIE THE O.G EDITION 2008

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01.Intro (Original Version With Uncleared Samples)
02.Things Done Changed (Original Version)
03.Gimme The Loot (Never Before Heard Uncensored Version)
04.Machine Gun Funk (DJ Premier's Version)
05.Warning (Original Version)
06.Ready To Die (Original Version With Different Beat)
07.One More Chance (Original Version With Uncleared Sample)
08.Fuck Me (Interlude)
09.The What (feat. Method Man) (Original Version With Unheard Lyrics)
10.Juicy (Pete Rock's Version)
11.Everyday Struggle (Original Demo Mix)
12.Me & My Bitch (Original Version With Different Beat)
13.Respect (Original Extended Edition)
14.Friend Of Mine (Original Demo Version)
15.Whatchu Want (Unreleased Original Version)
16.Suicidal Thoughts (Pete Rock's Version)
17.Come On (feat. Sadat X) (Unreleased Original Version)
18.Who Shot Ya? (Original Demo Mix)
19.For The Macs & Dons (Unreleased Track)
20.Pepsi Freestyle (Unreleased Track)
21.Biggie Got The Hype Shit (Unreleased 1991 Demo Track)


postheadericon ol dirty bastards brooklyn zu chamber 9 verse32

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01 we comin' for ya
02 brooklyn zu
03 do it for (feat. odb)
04 blood is love
05 cold world
06 knock knock (feat. gza)
07 eat ya food (feat. killah priest & masta k
08 baby
09 pass the mic
10 party with the zu
11 get dirty some beers skit
12 pour my liquor
13 if i had a gun (feat. shavo of system of a
14 put yo' peoples on
15 marvelous
16 get that cheese (feat. shyheim)
17 so much 2 say
18 shut ya trap (feat. prodigal sunn)
19 dirty outro


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