postheadericon Outerspace-God's Fury 2008

01. Laws of Fire (Intro)
02. Hail Mary
03. Quick Draw ft. Doap Nixon & Lawrence Arnell
04. What the Future Holds
05. Lost Battles ft. Reef the Lost Cauze
06. Is It A Crime (Interlude)
07. American Me
08. Gods and Generals 2 ft. King Syze & Des Devious
09. Living the Life
10. Anointing of the Sick ft. Abdiel, Psycho Realm
11. Mourning Sun (Interlude)
12. Nicko
13. The Killing Fields ft. Vinnie Paz & King Magnetic
14. Love Don’t Pay
15. The Last Supper ft. Chief Kamachi & Celph Titled
16. Our Father


what the future holds

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