postheadericon Criminal Minded

1.advance original 12" version
2.success is the word
3.say no brother crack don't do it
4.dr dre's operation room interview 1
5.the bridge is over red alert 12" version
6.dr dre's operation room interview 2
7.the p is free original 12" version
8.elementary dub original acetate version
9.scott la rock megamix
10.stop the violence original massive 12" version
11.essay's on bdpism
13.the bridge is over bladerunners edit
14awesome 2-scott la rock dedication WHBI
15.say no brother crack don't do it instrumental
16.stop the violence instrumental
17.stop the violence accapella



criminal minded

postheadericon Planet Asia And F.L.O. - Planet F.L.O.

1.Intro Cypha Session
2.Pake Money
3.Good Hands
4.Come Get It
5.Chief Of Staff Ft. C-Dot
7.Dem Boyz Go
8. I Got It Ft. Do Dirty
9. Magic Carpet
10. Lil Lady Ft. J.Jones
11. Uptop Cali
12. Any And Everything Ft. Killa Tay
13. Who Is That
14. Call Waiting
15. Bless You


postheadericon Nonphixion - The Green Cd


postheadericon Necro - The Sexorcist Special Edition

01.Whos Ya Daddy
02.Pussy Is My Weakness Feat. Antwon Lamar Robinson
03.Whore Feat. Joey Silvera
04. Edge Play Feat. Ill Bill And Mr.Hyde And Mitch Matlock And Katja
05. Suckadelic Feat. Jenny And Van Houten
06. Ron Jeremy Skit
07. You Bitches Love To Get Fucked In The Ass
08. Piss
09.Katsumi Skit
10.Out The Pocket Feat. Maya
11.Brittany Andrews Skit
12.Shes Got A Great Ass Feat. Ill Bill And Jerry Butler
13.I Wanna Fuck Feat. Jenny Krenwinkle And The Other Manson Whores
14.Van Styles
15.We Fuck Virgins Feat. Sabac And Antwon Lamar Robinson
16.Horny Honeys Feat. Goretex And Debbie Mercado
17.Ron Jeremy Vs. Jerry Butler Skit
18.I Remain Stiff Feat. Manson Whore And Dick Nasty
19.The Sexpert Feat. Alexis Malone
20.I Degrade You Feat. Ill Bill
21.Vaginal Secretions
22.Ron And Jerry Outro
23.You Ho Remix Bonus
24.Broads Verse Bonus
25.Black Hole Verse Bonus
26.Lanny Barbie Verse Bonus
27.Fucking 50 Bitches Bonus
28.DNA Test Verse Bonus
29.Shes Got A Great Ass Remix Bonus
30.Lanny Barbie Theme Bonus Instrumental
31.Jade Bonus Instrumental


white slavery

postheadericon Kill Bill - A Quentin Tarantino Vol. 1 Original soundtrack

1.Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down Nancy Sinatra
2.That Certain Female - Charlie Feathers
3.The Grand Duel Parte Prima Luis Enrique Bacalov
4.Twisted Nerve Bernard Herrmann
5.Queen of the Crime Council Julie Dreyfus
6.Ode to Oren Ishii RZA
7.Run Fay Fun Isaac Hayes
8.Green Hornet Al Hirt
9.Battle Without Honor or Humanity Tomoyasu Hotei
10.Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Santa Esmeralda
11.Woo Hoo's
12.Crane-White Lightning RZA
13.The Flower of Carnage Meiko Kaji
14.The Lonely Shepherd Zamfir
15.You're My Wicked Life David Carradine
16.Ironside Quincy Jones
17.Super 16 NEU!
18.Yakuza Oren 1 RZA
19.Banister Fight RZA
20.Flip Sting


exelente material para samples enjoy dope shit!

postheadericon Kill Bill - A Quentin Tarantino Vol. 2 Original soundtrack

1.A Few Words from the Bride Uma Thurman
2.Goodnight Moon Shivaree
3.Il Tramonto Ennio Morricone
4.Can't Hardly Stand It Charlie Feathers
5.Tu Mira Edit Lole Y Manuel
6.Summertime KillerLuis Bacalov
7.The Chase Alan Reeves, Phil Steele and Philip Brigham
8.The Legend of Pai Mei David Carradine and Uma Thurman
9.L'Arena Ennio Morricone
10.A Satisfied Mind Johnny Cash
11.A Silhouette of Doom Ennio Morricone
12.About Her" - Malcolm McLaren
13.Truly and Utterly Bill David Carradine and Uma Thurman
14.Malaguena Salerosa Chingon
15.Urami Bushi Meiko Kaji


exelente material para samples enjoy!

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