postheadericon non phixion - the future is now

1. Futurama
2. Drug Music
3. The CIA Is Trying To Kill Me
4. If You Got Love
5. There Is No Future ft Necro
6. Rock Stars
7. Say Goodbye To Yesterday
8. Black Helicopters
9. Strange Universe ft MF Doom
10. Cult Leader
11. It's Us
12. Suicide Bomb ft The Beatnuts, Al Tariq, Marley Metal & Moonshine
13. We Are The Future
14. The CIA Is Still Trying To Kill Me ft Steph of Deftones & Raymond of Fear Factory
rock stars

postheadericon slaine - the white man is the devil vol. 2

1. On The Third Day
2. Cocaine & Blue Eyes
3. Citizen Caine
4. Say I Was Slaine
5. Jewelz feat. Bad Newz
6. Problemz feat. Larry Cheeba
7. Bad Man
8. Yosemite Sam
9. Still East Coast
10. Just Anotha Bitch
11. XXX Listen
12. Touch The Sky
13. Conman
14. Get Outta My Way feat. La Coka Nostra
15. Fuck Tony Montana feat. La Coka Nostra, B-Real, & Sick Jacken
16. Slip The Clip In feat. Diego (of Crime Rime)
17. Stop The Violence
18. Race Riot feat. Edo.G & JaySaun
19. The City Is a Jungle
20. Claxx On The Traxx
21. Angel Dust


fuck tony montana feat la coka nostra,b real & sick jacken

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