postheadericon Redshield - Paradise Lost

2.Paradise Lost
3. Let It Be
4. Pastime
5.Piss & Vinegar
6.Broken Down-DBF
7.Growing Pains
9. Fear Factor
10. It's Like...
11.Minimum Wage
12.reality check
13.all in your head
16.dear diary
17. tyranny of the majority


postheadericon Hatebreed - Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire

1. empty promises
2. burn the lies
3.before dishonor
4. puritan
5.conceived through an act of violence
6.afflicted past
7.prepare for war
8.not one truth
9.betrayed by life
10.mark my words
11. last breath
12.burial for the living
13.worlds apart
14.driven by suffering


postheadericon DJ Shortkut - Blunted With A Beat Junkie Mix

1.King Tubby's Explosion Dub King Tubby
2.Dubbing With The Observers Observers
3.Jah Jah Dub Aggrovators
4.Big Rip Off Pablo Augustus
5.Draw Your Brakes Scotty
6.Entertainer Charlie Chaplin
7. You Too Greedy John Wayne
8.Crabbit Version Aggrovators
9.Laser Beam Carlos Don
10.Nuff Stylee Poppa Tollo
11.Money Money McKay George
12.Trim The Barber King Tubby
13.Ali Baba Holt John
14. Straight To Jackson's Head King Tubby & The Aggrovators
15.Law Of The Land Matumbi
16. Dr Phibbs I Roy
17.Water Boiling Observers
18.Stop The War Now Parks, Lloyd
19. Do It Til You're Satisfied Soul Messengers
20.Funky Tang Dennis Alcapone
21.Soul Almighty Marley, Bob & The Wailers
22. East Of The River Nile Pablo Augustus
23. Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye Pioneers
24.Collie Weed Levy Barrington
25.Police In Helicopter Holt John
26.Sensee Party Eek A Mouse
27. Pass The Tu Sheng Peng Paul Frankie
28.Entertainment Palma Triston & Jah Thomas
29.Friday Night Jamboree - Jah Thomas
30.Another One Bites The Dust Clint Eastwood & General Sai
31.Right Time Brown Neville
32.King Of The Way Purpleman
33.Sun Is Shining Marley Bob
34.Dancehall Connection Jah Thomas
35.Little Different Way Dunkley Errol
36.Here I Come Brown Dennis


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